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The Best Food In Marbella


Restaurante Il Tartufo is situated at the same plaza as The Town House and contributes to the plaza offering both restaurant and bar services. The theme and menu of Il Tartufo is Italien. Fresh truffle is the heart of the menu and they also offer a wider variety of homemade pasta, meat, risottos and fish made by chef and owner Emanuele. In the summer the seating in the square is just lovely. Inside there is comfortable and cosy seating all year round. Il Tartufo is opened every day, except sundays, from 19 pm until 24.

Restaurante Il Tarfufo, 9, Calle Tetuan, +34 951 08 73 23


Restaurante Garum is another favourite iamongst restaurants with a contemporary and exciting kitchen. The goal for the chef at Garum is to “to stimulate the palate, our aim is to create an equally memorable dining experience that will linger on in our guests’ memories for a long time to come, each and every time they visit us, from early morning to late evening, the creative array of our cosmopolitan-inspired cuisine continually challenges both the eye and the palette”.

Although the food is fantastic, the wine cellar also offers a wide selection of novel spanish wines produced in small, select vineyards.

Each has been handpicked to compliment the menu. Garum is situated directly on the famous paseo maritimo with a lovely view from our terrace that constantly changes with the passing seasons. The interior is strikingly minimalist but although intimate and yet warm.

Opening hours are generous, daily from 11 am until 12 pm.

Restaurante Garum, Paseo Maritimo, Avda de la Fontanilla, Marbella, +34 952 858 858,


Taberna Del Pintxo is a very nice tapas bar with a completely different concept. It is located cosily by one of the main streets of Marbella, down towards the promenade. You can choose to sit on the patio on high bar stools, or inside the charming crowds.

Drinks is to order at the table and cold tapas can be ordered directly in front of the serving counter. But in the case of hot tapas, something completely different happens. These are served directly by the staff that gets the hot tapas from the kitchen and goes out and serves the guests at the table.

You decide what you want to taste and this is about many temptations. Scampi, mini tortillas, mini burgers, gratinated goat’s cheese, mini pies, chorizo and much more are served throughout the evening.

The staff will be serving you in different intervals, which appear to be broadly balanced. How can you keep track of all the tapas you eaten? Many there will be, but that is no problem. Each tapas has a toothpick or a small sword in itself and when it’s time to pay, the staff sums them up. This service is therefore based on trust, of course.

Taberna del pintxos is very popular, and usually crowded. You can’t book a table, but normally you manage to get a place to sit in the end because the concept is based on circulation. The cold tapas is available all the time while the hot tapas served from eight pm and forward. Finally, for dessert, we highly recommend Chokolade al forno, a chocolate fondant which is simply lovely. But you should be aware though that it must be ordered with a 20 minutes notice.

Taberna Del Pintxo is exactly what you want a neighborhood restaurant to be– warm and homelike. Hours are Tuesday – Sunday from 19–01. Closed on Mondays.

Taberna del Pintxo, Av Miguel Cano, Marbella, tel +34 952 82 93 21


Restaurante Altamirano is a lovely fish restaurant and remember they only serve fish and shellfish. Everything is very plane and simple, the only dishes they serve are presented in the fishcounter with the catch of the day. Very spanish and very charming.

The fluorescent tubes are unsparing so you could see what you eat. The Marbella inhabitants love this restaurant and so do the tourists. It’s situated on the same plaza as restaurante Zozoi and some other small restaurants which means that during dinnertime it is a great atmosphere at the plaza. Open daily for lunch 13-16, for dinner 19.30-23.30

Restaurante Altamirano, Plaza Altamirano 3, Marbella, +34 952 824 932


If you carry on towards the sea on the same street as Taberna del Pintxo is located, Avenida Miguel Cano, you will find a tapasbar, Bodega la Venencia. Taberna del Pintxo is another favorite with the same style of contemporary tapas, Bodega la Venencia stands for more traditional tapas.

Honestly, this is where the Spanish themselves can be found. Here you will find pata negra hanging from ceiling in a traditional manner and no modern tastes have been mixed in to this tapas kitchen. Even the interior is decorated in Andalusian style through out.

Empty caskets are used as tables, accompanied by simple brown chairs. If you’re looking for that genuine Spanish tapas place, this is where you want to go. If the weather approves, you can enjoy the open-air café, which provides and lovely view of the boardwalk and the Mediterranean.

Hours are Tuesday – Sunday from 19–01. Closed on Mondays.
Bodega la Venencia, Av Miguel Cano, Marbella, tel +34 952 86 37 22


Casanis is a belgian bistro located on one of the most charming streets in Marbella, Old Town, Calle Ancha, the street leads up to a plaza where the flamingoclub Anna María also is located. If the weather is kind, tables are set up on the street, but the environment inside is genial and the bistro feeling is completely authentic.

The menu carries on in the same manner and Casanis is famous for its entrecote, which is served with a really god béarnaise sauce (in our opinion the you can obtain in Marbella) and really crispy French fries. This venue is always In movement, and sometimes the mood amongst the waiters can become a little bit hot- headed, just as in an authentic bistro.

Casanis is one of the most popular restaurants in the old town, so be sure to make reservations ahead. If your party exceeds ten, you will be automatically transferred to the upstairs dining room. In addition to the restaurant Casanis has its own deli shop across the street. Purchase some oils and wines to bring home!

Restaurante Casanis, Calle Ancha 8, Marbella, tel +34 952 900 450


Restaurante Babilonia is situated in the same spectacular property as Olivia Valere and is managed by the nightclub. When the property was erected in the late 1990s it represented something all new in both style and interior decoration. The entire building is built as a ultramodern fastidious palace. Very tastefull and innovative.

Both Olivia Valere and Babilonia are situated west of downtown Marbella, above Hotel Puente Romano. Olivia Valere is probably Marbellas most known and talked about nightclub. Restuarante Babilonia has its own separat entrance, where you have cross a suspended bridge to enter the palace. Just as in an authentic palace, its protected water filld dikes. During the summer months, the most pleasant place to be is Babilonias great patio. Arriving here during a hot summers night is as close to magic as one could come.

Marbellas jetset is found here, and when dinner is done the, the party moves to the nightclub through a direct entrance. You don’t visit Babilonia for the culinary experience, the menu is simple and international. Babilionia is the place to visit if you are looking for spektacular inviroments and intressting people.

The upside of dining at Babilonia is that you are already inside the property when the party gets started, therefore you dont have to spend unnecessary time in the que outside. You have the advantage of enjoying the entire night at this cotemprary palace.

Opening hours during lowseason; friday and saturday 21-02, high season daily 21-02

Restaurante Babilonia, Olivia Valere, Caretera de Istán, Marbella, tel +34 952 82 88 61authentic bistro.



Restaurante Casamono is situated a 15 minutes walk from Marbella city. Its opened monday to saturday for lunch and dinner.

Closed sundays.

Casa Mono, C/Calderon Estebanez 19, +34 952 774 578


Restuarante El Suite is situated whithin the Hotel Punte Romano and is part of the five star hotels range of restuarants. El suite is a moderns interpretation of a Moroccan palace, but just from an interior aspect.

The entrance can be hard to spot from the outside, as it looks perfectly normal and in tone with the rest of the property. As you climb down the stairs, you all of a sudden get the feeling you are in Morocco. Everything is well thought through.

Dinner is enjoyed from pillows on the floor and the tables are of course the appropriate height. If you feel like relaxing at the bar, you can grab yourself a daybed to lay back in. When your Moroccan dinner is done, you will be offered to share a waterpipe by you table, in a variety of flavours.

During the summer months El Suite packs up and moves down to the beach, still with in the hotel property off course. El Suite is almost always booked solid during the summer months. Meny is also slightly altered, shifting to less Moroccon into to more international. To still get a genuine feeling, they open bazaars with waterpipes and ceramics.

Opening hours; thursday, friday, saturday 21-04.

El Suite, Hotel Puente Romano, CN. 340 km 177, Marbella, tel +34 952 820 900



Restaurante Los Bandidos is situated in Puerto Banus. Opening hours daily from 19.30 until late.

Restaurante Los Bandidos, Muelle Rivera 33, Puerto Banus, +34 952 81 59 15